Artables Where Art and Table Meet is the original fine art and ceramic tableware collection by artist Debra Cherniawsky 

Now and Zen

Original Designs

Monsters by Tash

Monsters by Tash is a line of Ceramics and Tea towels created by my daughter, Natasia Durrer, who developed a page of thumbnail sketches originally for a grade 7 Home Economics sewing project. 

Artables Original circa 1996

Packaged in a wooden crate and designed for tourists and corporate gifts, the Original Artables has been decorating homes, cottages and offices for decades. The fun continues to warm the hearts of thousands of collectors!


Gold detail makes these ornaments catch the light and sparkle beautifully. Customizable and always plentifully stocked for a quick gift that is easy to ship and memorable for years to come.


Debra has pushed the limits of painting for over 30 years....always trying new styles and breaking the comfort zone with new subjects. Always full of energy and rich colour.

Debra Cherniawsky MFA

Debra received her MFA from The Ohio State University in 1990 and began a professional career immediately as a teaching associate at the Alberta University of Art and launched a production line in ceramics. Debra’s paintings have been shown internationally.